Artwork and Memorabilia

Red Flowers, The Soper Collection

The Soper Artwork and Memorabilia

The Soper Collection consists of original art pieces created by George, Eva and Eileen Soper. This Collection has been meticulously compiled and documented over a period of 25 years by Joy and John Baker, together with John Moxom.

Their love for the Sopers’ work and desire to keep The Collection together has driven this project.

We aim for The Collection to be displayed permanently at the site we are able to locate.

We aspire to a situation where future generations can both enjoy and learn from the greatly varied work in The Collection.

In this way the wonderful and inspirational work of George, Eva and Eileen can form a part of Britain’s national art heritage.

A treasure trove of talent

The Collection features the works of George Soper and his daughters, Eva and Eileen. It represents the lifelong work and dedication of three extraordinary artists, committed to their craft and demonstrating incredible skill and meticulous observation.

These beautiful collected works document over 100 years of dedication to recording, with remarkable interpretation, the colours, life, atmosphere and movement of the British countryside and those who lived and worked in it.

Pieces include watercolours, etchings, pencil and ink sketches, illustrations, oil, ceramics and other media.

Cucumbers - The Soper Collection

George Soper’s works include:

    • The Working Horse
    • Landscapes
    • Illustrations for books and magazines
    • Woodcuts, etchings, pencil drawings and other media
Horses Plough, Soper Collection

Eileen Soper’s works include:

    • Birds
    • Badgers
    • Otters
    • Foxes
    • Other wild animals
    • Flowers
    • Illustrations
    • Printed work for Enid Blyton – including the Famous Five series and the Nature Readers used in schools for many years
    • Oil portraits
    • Etchings, pencil drawings and other media
    • The original artwork for Wanderers of the Field, Eileen Soper’s own book
    • Eileen’s own sketchbook of animal studies

Eileen Soper - The Soper Collection

Eva Soper’s works include:

Two complete sets of Royal Worcester Porcelain Company bird figurines.

Eva Soper - Porcelain Birds
Eva Soper - Porcelain Birds

A glimpse of an intriguing family and a lost world

The Collection also includes a large range of memorabilia which, together with the books illustrated by George Soper and the wildlife and children’s books created by Eileen Soper, provides unique insight into the life and passions of the Soper family. As a very private and reclusive family, many of their works remained unseen until 1989 when Eileen and Eva were admitted to hospital. The family home ‘Wildings’ was, following Eva’s death, left to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

The memorabilia contains photographs, artefacts, printed illustrations, letters and other papers. Some of George’s original wood blocks and engraved plates, Eva’s potter’s wheel and Eileen’s palettes and tools are just some of the items to be displayed. They paint a picture of a bygone age of fastidiousness in honing a craft that would bring the artists international acclaim.

Learn more about the life of the Soper family and each of the artists: George, Eva and Eileen.

Artwork and Memorabilia - The Soper Collection


Join us on our exciting journey to provide a permanent, public home for the works of the Soper family.

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