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Eileen Feeding Squirrel

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The Soper Collection, being the largest collected works of Soper family art and also home to a wide variety of memorabilia, paints a detailed historical picture of the artists from the late 19th century through wartime Britain and into the 20th century.

By creating a permanent home for The Collection, The Gallery will be providing public access to the little known, but much revered, genius of the Soper family. Artists, children and art, history and wildlife-lovers alike will be able to learn from the work of true masters of their craft. Artists who, at their very core, were experts in expressing the life and movement of the natural world.

But we needed your help to get there… Yes – wonderful help has enabled this but future help will enhance facilities.

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On our Home Page and on the Newsletter Page, where you will see more quotes and images, you will read that Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby, is the new permanent home for The Soper Collection. The Pannett Art Gallery is a wonderful venue set in the spacious grounds of Pannett Park.

The Town Mayor of Whitby, Cllr Linda Wild, writes: “I would like to thank the Soper Trust for entrusting this wonderful collection to the care of the Pannett Art Gallery. Our gallery attracts visitors from across the world. We are really pleased that existing and future audiences of all ages will now have the opportunity to see and engage with these beautiful artworks alongside our established collections.”

The curator, Helen Berry, writes: “We are delighted that the Soper Trust has selected the Pannett Art Gallery to be the new home for The Soper Collection. This is a really exciting opportunity for the Pannett Gallery and for Whitby. We are looking forward to showcasing the work of this family of fabulously gifted artists, to raising awareness of their talents and to engaging the public including children with the story of their lives and the themes portrayed in their artwork.”

To see a splendid array of photographs showing the extent and variety of Pannett Park and to learn of the use of The Soper Collection at Pannett Art Gallery, please do visit www.pannettartgallery.org.

Glorious Images – Paintings by George and by Eileen.

The wonderfully varied art work of George and Eileen Soper covers all the seasons.

  1. He rushed at the monster… George Soper
  2. The Piano 1914 – George Soper
  3. Two Horses Feeding – George Soper
  4. Eileen Reading – George Soper
  5. Ploughing Team – George Soper
  6. Cows Grazing at Dawn – George Soper
  7. West Highland Whites – George Soper
  8. Redwing – Eileen Soper
  9. Two Otter Cubs at Play – Eileen Soper
  10. Wrens – Eileen Soper
  11. Badger Taking Food – Eileen Soper
  12. The Morning Song – Eileen Soper
  13. The Queen Who Wanted a New Dress – Eileen Soper
  14. Hare Study II – Eileen Soper
  15. Woodpecker – Eva Soper

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