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Eileen Feeding Squirrel

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The Soper Collection, being the largest collected works of Soper family art and also home to a wide variety of memorabilia, paints a detailed historical picture of the artists from the late 19th century through wartime Britain and into the 20th century.

By creating a permanent home for The Collection, The Centre will be like no other, providing public access to the little known, but much revered, genius of the Soper family. Artists, children and art, history and wildlife-lovers alike will be able to learn from the work of true masters of their craft. Artists who, at their very core, were experts in expressing the life and movement of the natural world.

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We cannot now go forward on this actual site but we are exploring other possibilities.

Images of Winter– Paintings by George and by Eileen.

The wonderfully varied art work of George and Eileen Soper covers all the seasons.

  1. Merry Christmas to Ada 1892 Courtship Card – George Soper
  2. Waiting in the Snow – George Soper
  3. Winter Feed – George Soper
  4. A Winter Morning – George Soper
  5. The Brownies’ Magic – Eileen Soper
  6. Nuthatch – Eileen Soper
  7. Tobogganing – Eileen Soper
  8. Squirrel Feeding – Eileen Soper
  9. Snow Laden Tree Covered with Songbirds – Eileen Soper
  10. Signs of Overnight Activity – Eileen Soper
  11. The Very Lovely Pattern – Eileen Soper
  12. The Little Fir-Tree – Eileen Soper
  13. December (Calendar Sketch) – Eileen Soper

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Provided the project succeeds and the venture reaches fruition, all contributors will be invited to become founder donors of this project and you will also be invited to join us on our opening night!



Join us on our exciting journey to provide a permanent, public home for the works of the Soper family.

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