Soper Heritage Art Gallery and Education Centre

The Soper Heritage Art Gallery
and Education Centre

The Soper Heritage Art Gallery and Education Centre will provide a permanent home for The Soper Collection, including memorabilia.

Set in a beautiful seven-acre site in the Suffolk countryside, the location has been chosen to reflect the personalities and passions of the Soper family. With their love of wildlife and the seasonal ebb and flow of the East Anglian landscape, the site will project their affections for both art and nature.

A place to see and learn

As well as an extensive gallery, the Centre will be a hub for education. Lecture theatres and classrooms will host classes and workshops, enabling children, aspiring artists and experts alike to learn and be inspired by the Sopers’ techniques and talents.

The Centre will include:

  • Light and spacious galleries
  • Museum
  • Lecture rooms
  • Classrooms/workshops
  • Library
  • Foyer
  • Shop
  • Café/restaurant
  • Toilets
  • Car park

The Soper Collection Art Gallery and Education Centre Visuals

The spacious outdoor areas will be sympathetically landscaped to reflect the Soper family’s love of the natural world. The moat will form a natural feature, whilst bird sanctuaries and natural grasses will attract a host of wildlife. Outdoor workshops and painting stations will provide artists with the opportunity to observe and create as the Soper family did.

We also plan to replicate some of the features of the Sopers’ own ‘Wildings’ garden.



Join us on our exciting journey to provide a permanent, public home for the works of the Soper family.


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